October 20th, Green Drinks @ Two Ceres Street with Christopher Ring of Greenovations

It's time to kick off a new season of Green Drinks. Summer is over & it's time to get back to work!

Join us for an evening of conversation about green topics and networking -- third Thursday of each month.

Our October Green Drinks will feature Christopher Ring of Greenovations.
Networking begins at 6:00, followed by Christopher at 7:00. Thursday, October 20th.

Christopher will share his experience in sustainability, understanding of green products, certification labeling and unravel myths while comparing green to conventional products.

Over the course of his working life Christopher Ring has worked in various aspects of the building trade from house painting to landscaping to building the shells of energy efficient homes. (I was also a ski-bum / waiter and an investor, but that seems irrelevant). Most recently prior to Greenovations Ring was a high school English teacher. That profession took him from New Hampshire to Colombia and eventually to Vienna, Austria where he followed his passion for conservation and environmentalism by studying building design and techniques at the Vienna University of Technology. At the same time he was mentored by one of Austria’s leading HVAC engineers on energy efficiency. Greenovations is the amalgamation of his passion for the environment, his knowledge of building, and his experience as an educator, which he considers the vital role of a business such as his.